Following Google Maps, the driver ends up in a pond

Jan 29, 2021 1 min read
Following Google Maps, the driver ends up in a pond

If you follow Google Maps blindly then you might wander to a different path. Check out.

We often tend to believe technology with closed eyes. It happens often with Google Maps where we follow the app's directions religiously to reach our destination. But things didn't go as expected with this Honda Amaze driver.

Shivaram Balajepalli was following Google Maps to reach his destination but when the Google Maps diverted for a better route he himself driving in a pond. However, the water wasn't too deep and no harm occurred to the engine.

The engine was running fine after the car was pulled out of the pond. But the check engine light of the vehicle was on and later the engine didn't start. When the car was taken to the service station, the engine again cranked to life after a few attempts and there were no signs of water damage. Damage to engine from water could have attracted expensive engine repair costs.

What to do if water enters your car's engine.

This is why, we should be very careful while driving the vehicle through water. Earlier also, several drivers have reached terrible destination while following the Google Maps. Last year, a Fortuner driver drowned himself after he drive his SUV inside a dam. In another incident, a driver landed up driving on the bed of a river. Thankfully, he was rescued safely with his vehicle.

Google Maps have been a boon for drivers, but they are not completely reliable especially when you are driving in remote areas. CarInfo would suggest our readers to always consult with a localite before embarking on an uncharted territory.

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