Follow These Tips to Protect Your Car This Monsoon

Jun 29, 2019 1 min read
Follow These Tips to Protect Your Car This Monsoon

Everyone loves rains with chai and pakodas. But the love for your car is much bigger. Monsoon is just around the corner and you must know how to protect your car from electric and rust issues.

Rains bring long traffic jams and muddy roads with them. Your car has to tolerate the water logging and dirt on the roads. It makes it important for you to take proper care of your car during this season. Some of the steps that you can take to ensure this are-

  1. After you come back from a trip in the rain, wash your car with regular water. Rainwater is not good for the paint of your car. If possible, coat your car with wax polish so that the rainwater can roll off easily.

  2. Before the heavy rains start, check the rubber linings on the windows and doors. Make sure that water does not leak inside the car.

  3. Do not let the tyres stay muddy for a long time. Wash them after every trip where they were exposed to a lot of dirt and muddy water.

  4. Keep your tyres inflated throughout the rainy season. Your car needs to drive through deep puddles and rough roads filled with water and therefore the tyres should be able to tread at the right depth.

  5. Always keep a check on the brakes and wipers of your car. These play the most important role when you are out driving in the rain.

  6. Do not use car covers during the rains. The moisture from the cover is not good for your car.

  7. Check the connections of the car headlights. Any loose ends can cause the water to cause electric failure.

  8. You shouuld avoid driving your car through puddles. Water can enter the exhaust pipe and damage it.

Rains are not great friends of your car. Hence, try being more careful and alert about keeping the moisture away from the body, components and interiors of your ride.

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