Even parked "old" vehicles will be scrapped

Jul 19, 2023 1 min read
Even parked "old" vehicles will be scrapped

The Delhi Transport Department has released a new circular in response to instances of uncertainty about the seizure of parked old vehicles, including diesel cars older than 10 years and petrol cars older than 15 years. The new circular expands the law by allowing the seizure and scrapping of vehicles that are even parked in private places.

These regulations permit the Delhi Transport Department to seize and scrap any diesel or petrol vehicle that is operating on a public road for more than 10 and 15 years, respectively. As a result, many owners of these old vehicles were forced to send them for scrap or sell them to other states. As a result, owners of these ancient cars are left with no choice but to get rid of them.

Recent events, however, made clear that the Delhi Transport Department was actively seizing old vehicles that were left in owner parking spaces.

According to the latest circular, owners of the old cars are no longer permitted to park them securely and keep them unoccupied in public parking lots. However, the vehicles that are safely parked inside the garages will not be subject to action.

It implies that if you live in a community and park in the open spaces, your car could get seized. The Delhi Transport Department has also released a circular for all petrol and diesel vehicles older than 10 years to be registered at the appropriate RTO offices.

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