Essential things to keep in the car during winter season

Oct 25, 2021 3 min read
Essential things to keep in the car during winter season

Driving during winters can be a dangerous task. Roads during winters become difficult to navigate due to ice and snow, visibility is decreased, daylight is shorter, and sub-freezing temperatures make it difficult to maintain your car in winters. The probability of getting into an accident increases, and the consequences of being stranded by the roadside are much harsher. Winter preparation is important for staying safe during rides in cold weather.

Being prepared will make things easier if you get stuck. Check out the list of things that you should carry in your car during winters.


Keep a collapsible or small shovel in your trunk. It will be useful to dig yourself out if your car is stuck in snow or slides off the road or if you have to clear a path to drive.

Gloves and winter clothing

You need to know how to use snow brush and shovel if you have them. The task of clearing your car will become easier if you are wearing gloves and other warm clothing. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have few hand warmers in your vehicle. You’ll do a great job of clearing your car when you’re warm.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is very important if someone is injured during a car crash. Although, this is one of the most important things to keep in your car during winter as, emergency car response time may be slow if it’s snowing. It will also allows you to clean and dress any minor cuts and will keep you more comfortable until help arrives.

Flashlight with spare batteries

It gets really dark early in the winter. If you get stranded at night, you can use the flashlight to find out what’s wrong. It can also make visible to others on the road.

Jumper cables

Cold weather is hard on a car and can affect a car’s battery. It can be hard to start your car if the battery’s dead, which means you won’t be able to use the car’s heater for warmth. Having your own set of jumper cables with you could save you from an expensive tow.

A cell phone and a spare battery

Try to keep your phone charged before hitting the road and always keep a charger in your vehicle as well. You may need your phone for assistance if you are stuck or involved in a car crash.

Water and non-perishable snacks

Storing water and snacks in your car will come in handy in situations. Eating even a small snack can help your body to produce a needed burst of energy to stay warm. You'll be more comfortable if you are not hungry.

An ice scrapper

The weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always advisable to keep a scraper handy in the situation of freak storms. Snow and ice can directly impact your visibility, so it’s very important to clear off every inch of your car before hitting the road.

Emergency flares or reflectors

In case of an accident,  whether it’s daytime or nighttime snow storms reduce visibility. Reflectors will help other drivers and emergency vehicles know if you are there.

Sand or kitty litter

These coarse materials will help your tires to add traction and get things moving again if your vehicle gets stuck in the snow. the extra weight in your trunk will also create more pressure on your tires, ensuring greater contact between your tread and the ground.


Though, sunglasses are considered more of a summer accessory but, the sun’s reflection on the snow is bright. You must wear sunglasses while driving in snow to reduce glare.

These are all essential things that you need to keep in your car in winter. In the wintertime, never let your tank dip below the half-full mark and check that your wiper blades are in working order.

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