Electric two-wheeler maintenance: Tips you must know

Sep 13, 2021 2 min read
Electric two-wheeler maintenance: Tips you must know

The idea of an electric two-wheeler is still new to the majority of Indians. Read this article to clear all your doubts regarding the maintenance of an electric two-wheeler.

Electric two-wheelers require less service, however, basic and routine maintenance is crucial to boost efficiency and reduce the probability of a breakdown. Furthermore, because electric vehicles (EV) are still at their nascent stage in India, the number of service are centres are also limited and the need of DIY maintenance is high.

Check out the key tips for maintaining your electric two-wheeler.

Insurance of electric two-wheeler

Electric two-wheeler insurance is a good investment as it safeguards you from any unwanted financial liability and hence, ensuring your vehicle is always maintained. Comprehensive EV insurance is relatively affordable, especially for an electric two-wheeler, and cheaper than a petrol vehicle insurance cover. In addition, if you get bike insurance online, the insurance rates are even lower. You can buy two wheeler insurance from CarInfo application.

Regular cleaning of your electric motorcycle

If your electric bike cannot be cleaned on a daily basis, at least once every week, wash it completely. Make certain that the motor and chain are dust/debris-free so that they can assist in the bike's smooth run.

Ensure adequate lubrication

Ensure appropriate lubrication to prevent friction between moving parts. If you are new to maintenance, you must first learn the correct lubrication process with the help of someone who has the technical expertise.

Battery charging

A battery is your electric bike's most significant component. Maintenance of an electric bike's battery mostly focuses on the appropriate charging technique. Make sure that you never entirely drain the battery by routinely charging your bike. Make sure at least 40 to 70% of its capacity is charged on a regular basis.

An electrical two-wheeler must be charged with a secure charging point. Ensure that you park it in a safe and dry spot while connecting and the voltage variation is extremely small because it can damage the battery. Further, check the distilled water level if your battery requires it.

Accurate tyre pressure

Optimum tire pressure helps you to achieve maximum range. Your electric car's driving range depends heavily on rolling resistance and eventually on the tires. It is vital therefore to maintain the tire pressure in order to obtain the greatest mileage.

You can look at the sidewalls of the tires in order to determine if there is an acceptable pressure in the tires. Since electric two-wheelers are low in weight, inadequate tyre pressure while driving is difficult to detect. The low tires pressure makes the motor to work harder than necessary and in the long term, it can damage its health.

Avoid heavy-weight riding

If you want to extend your electric scooter's life, don't overload it very often. The engine and the tires are under pressure and require more power to perform if you weigh excessively while driving. It is okay in rare instances, but this will often lead to a decrease in performance.

Brake pads

Take regular note of your brake pads to ensure they are in good shape. Do not ignore them, because it could lead to a major mishap.

Take care if EV not used for longer periods of time

If your electric bike is kept idle for a long time, take special care of it. Since e-bikes are sensitive to excessive temperatures, park them in a cool place, disconnect the battery and charge them every few days. You should go for complete maintenance of your electric two-wheeler if it is kept idle for a long time.

Hope, above mentioned points will help you maintain your electric two-wheeler in good shape.

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