Eight times higher registration renewal fees for 15 years old vehicles

Oct 7, 2021 1 min read
Eight times higher registration renewal fees for 15 years old vehicles

Owners of the vehicle more than 15-year-old have to spend a high amount to renew the registration of their vehicle. Owners of heavy industrial vehicles, too, have to pay a huge amount to get a fitness certificate for vehicles older than 15 years old.

As per the notification, the renewal of registration will cost you Rs 5,000, if your vehicle is more than 15 years old. Whereas, the price for less than 15 years is Rs 600 now. Equally, the cost for registration-renewal of previous two-wheelers is Rs 1,000 and the present price is Rs 300.

To acquire a fitness certificate for a 15 year plus bus or truck can set you back by Rs 12,500. Whereas, renewal for cabs can be seven times more than the current charge of Rs 1000.

Any delay in renewing the registration of personal autos will sue a penalty of Rs 300 per month. For industrial auto, it will be Rs 500, and delay in health insurance will appeal Rs 50 penalty for each day.

This new fee regime will come into effect from April, 2022. This will have no impact on vehicle owners of Delhi and it neighbourhood where more than 10 year diesel and 15 year old petrol variants are banned.

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