Is There any echallan Scam in India and How Does It Work?

Jun 20, 2024 3 min read
Is There any echallan Scam in India and How Does It Work?

The implementation of the e challan in India has also helped make traffic rules and fines more manageable. Nonetheless, new-age digital transactions have brought a new twist to life, and we have seen a few cases of e challan challan scams. This article describes the function of the scam and offers some advice on how people can stay clear of it.

Understanding E-Challan

The echallan is defined as an electronic system meant to issue traffic fines. It has replaced the paper challan form that was in practice earlier, and it is easier to track and manage traffic violators. This means people can review the e challan status and clear the fines, if any, from the comfort of their homes. However, this convenience has also led to increased risks due to scams that take advantage of the current setup.

How E-Challan Scams Work

  1. Phishing Scams: Phishers prefer using fake e-mails or short messages that are framed in the name of official organizations. These messages often include a link to the website that actually resembles the official echallan website. Simply providing details, such as a person’s email address, allows scammers to take over a user’s identity.
  2. Fake Websites: This is done by attempting to design similar-looking fake websites that resemble the real e challan e challan sites. Anyone who visits these sites and enters his or her vehicle’s information or payment details may find that they are entrusting their data to a team of hackers or providing the hackers with access codes to their bank accounts.
  3. Social Engineering: Traffic police imposters can also call or send a message with the intimidating remark that the recipient needs to pay traffic fines immediately. They may make threats or use alarming language that keeps the victims in anxiety, forcing them to make payment without cross-checking the validity of the claim.

Protecting Yourself from E-Challan Scams

  1. Verify the Source: To avoid falling victim to fake online challan, it is advisable that one always cross-check the source of communication from which the echallan notification was received. These e challan details will be official from government-related websites and not from some fake ID with email ids or numbers.
  2. Use Official Websites: If you are checking your e challan status or making payments for the same, please use only the government channels. For example, you can use a website and try to make an e challan check by vehicle number.
  3. Avoid Clicking on Links: Do not open links from strange messages received in the inbox or messaging applications or pop-ups. However, to avoid linking to a fake website, type the appropriate URL of the authentic online challan website in your browser yourself.
  4. Secure Payments: However, it is crucial to confirm that the portal you are using is secure. Ensure the website address begins with ‘https://’ and there is a lock icon beside the link.
  5. Stay Informed: It is advisable to always refer to reliable sources to verify information and any new developments in echallan processes and related frauds.

To safely check your e challan status, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official E-Challan Portal: Do an online challan search by accessing the official echallan website of the state or region of interest, for instance, the Delhi traffic police challan portal or you can use CarInfo.
  2. Enter Vehicle Details: To choose how to use this online facility and do a e challan check by vehicle number, simply input your vehicle number. This will reveal any outstanding fines or traffic offences connected to your vehicle.
  3. Make Payments Securely: If you are required to pay a fine, make sure that the portal used for e challan payment is secure and that they acknowledges the transaction.

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Additional Tips for Vehicle Owners

In addition to the challan check, you can use CarInfo to conduct an RC check, maintain Service History, and other related tasks connected with owning a car. It will also be helpful for the people who are actively buying & selling cars as this app will provide you all the information.

Also, it is advisable to ensure that the two wheeler insurance documents and other vehicle documents are up-to-date. Get familiar with your status with the RTO and always perform the RTO challan check using credible sources to avoid running foul with the traffic laws.


Although there has been an improvement in traffic management due to the echallan system, it has also become a subject of scams. Keeping oneself alert and navigating to the official website to check e challan is the best way to avoid being duped. If you receive an echallan communication, always try to confirm the source of the message and follow the steps above to protect your personal and financial data.

So, it is prudent to be informed and cautious to avoid becoming a victim of e-challan scams. This is why sometimes it is useful to have tools like the CarInfo app, which will help you keep all the documents in order.

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