Driving without PUC in Delhi? Get ready to shell out Rs 10,000

Aug 13, 2020 2 min read
Driving without PUC in Delhi? Get ready to shell out Rs 10,000

Driving your car without a valid pollution control (PUC) certificate? Get ready to shell out a fine of Rs 10,000 next time you get on road. The transport department of Delhi government has launched a campaign to put polluting vehicles off the Delhi roads.

A transport department official spoke to TOI and confirmed that the traffic police has deployed 40 teams across Delhi to check the PUC certificates of vehicles. It is also issuing on the spot challans through its handheld devices to vehicles with an invalid PUC.

The 40 teams are deployed on 13 pollution hotspots. These places are identified by Delhi Pollution Control Committee. Some popular hotspots include RK Puram, Vivek Vihar, Jahangirpuri, Anand Vihar, and Mayapuri among others.

Delhi traffic police also said that it is checking vehicle that are visibly polluting the roads. In July 2020 alone, 610 challans were issued across Delhi to vehicles running without a valid PUC.

You can read our blog post Why Do You Need a PUC Certificate While Driving for more details.

Fuel Samples

DPCC officials, joint teams of enforcement, and Delhi traffic policemen are also taking petrol and diesel samples from vehicles to check for impurities and adulteration. Low quality fuel also causes pollution more than the permissible limit.

Crowded PUC centers

The amended Motor Vehicle Act was enforced from 1 September 2019 that led to an increase in fine to Rs 10,000 for vehicles driving without a valid PUC. That's a ten fold rise in fine. It was done discourage people from casually flouting traffic laws on roads.

Now since the Delhi police has tightened the law enforcement, car owners can be seen flocking at over 1,000 PUC centers again in Delhi to get a valid PUC certificate.

Not valid for exemption

Earlier, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had extended the validity of motor vehicle documents including registration certificate, permit, fitness, driving license, and others from February 1 to September 30, 2020.

However, Delhi traffic police has confirmed that expired PUC is not included in the list of exemptions.

If you are driving your car without a valid PUC, then it is the right time to get your PUC renewed and avoid the hefty challan.

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