Dos and Don'ts after a road accident

Oct 31, 2020 2 min read
Dos and Don'ts after a road accident

India is prone to car accidents. If you meet an accident, never lose your cool and take these crucial steps to stay safe.

Road accidents are common in India. Rash or fatigue driving and not following the traffic rules are some of the major reasons of road accidents in India. In 2018 only, there were over 1.5 lakh deaths due to road accidents in India.

Hence, we need to drive safely. And God forbid if you meet a road accident you should not be clueless about what to do and what not. Here are some crucial dos and don't that you should know while driving on Indian roads.

Let’s get started with Do

1. Get off the road

It is advisable to get off the road ASAP to avoid traffic blockage. It will also prevent in creating a hazardous situation for other cars coming towards your way.

2. Call the police

Call the police immediately to assess the accident site. Police can provide you the necessary medical help and can also tow your vehicle to a safer spot along the road. Also, avoid changing anything at the site of accident to allow police assess exactly what has happened and take the action accordingly.

3. Check for injuries and first aid

You might not feel your injuries immediately due to the accidental shock. However, it is crucial to immediate check the injuries of each and every person involved in the accident. Checking preliminary injuries can help you give first aid to the right person and also call for adequate medical help the site.

Use first aid kit present in your vehicle to minimize blood loss and pain while you wait for ambulance. Giving first aid decreases the chances of survival and critical injuries.

4. Inform your car insurer immediately

To keep yourself adequately covered, inform your car insurer immediately about the accident. To keep the evidence handy, use your smartphone to take pictures of your car immediately and accident site. It will help in getting the claim amount in a hassle-free manner.

You can use RTO vehicle information app CarInfo to check out the validity of your car insurance. It also allows you to set a reminder before the expiry of your car insurance.

Things one should Dont's after a road accident

1. Don’t try to run away

To avoid legal problems and criminal charges, never run away from the accident site. Try to take the injured to the hospital or give them first aid while the police arrives at the scene. Always stay at the scene to wait for the help to arrive.

2. Keep calm

Tempers run high after the accident and you might get stressed. But to ensure the safety of everyone after the accident, it is crucial to keep calm. Losing your temper might lead to a fight with the other party! Trust us, road rage is never a solution and will only land you in a bigger trouble.

Keep you cool to calmly handle the situation and try to help each other as much as you can.

Wrapping Up

Accident causes injuries and in some unfortunate cases, even deaths. But what's done is done. In such cases, you need to behave calmly and maturely to minimize the damage and maximize the safety of people involved with the accident. Take decisions with a cool mind to get help and get out of the hazardous situation as soon as possible.

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