Dog helps owner push car stuck in Glasgow floods

Aug 12, 2021 1 min read
Dog helps owner push car stuck in Glasgow floods

If you have ever thought about why dogs are called man's best friends, we suggest you watch the video that is taking the Internet by storm.

A video showing a dog who's helping the women named Lori Gillies when she found herself stuck in the flooded road amid heavy rain. A video was being recorded by a man watching them from a window.

In the shot video, Ms Gillies and her dog, Puck are seen roaming around the car a few times as she communicated with the two women stuck inside the car. After this, the duo pushed the vehicle down the heavily pushing the car to a drier area.

It was not just the clip but also the man’s narration of the incident. In the clip of 1.35-minute, he can be heard saying, “You have actually got the dog swimming now and she’s trying to give it a push. She’s asking ‘is the handbrake off?’. Handbrakes off and now she’s going to push.”

By narrating the identity of the man, she wrote, "The legend who shot the video is a local dude called Davie Keel. Just doing a good deed helping this car and its owners to move to drier land. Puck really is the best dog in the whole wide world,”.

The viral video has been flooded with citizens praising the dog’s attempt of helping the owner. But, many also were quite delighted with the man’s commentary.  

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