Man transforms his car into an "Emergency Response Vehicle" to assist COVID-19 patients

Jun 2, 2021 1 min read
Man transforms his car into an "Emergency Response Vehicle" to assist COVID-19 patients

We all have cars but how many of us have used them to help others. Meet Nagia. He has helped several families by transforming his car into an emergency response vehicle.

In a positive news, a Delhi man has converted his car into an "emergency response vehicle" to assist COVID-19 sufferers in the country's unprecedented second wave of coronavirus.

Nagia, a Noida-based IT worker, has loaded his vehicle with all the required supplies including oxygen cylinders, medications, an oximeter, food, water, and oxygen cans to assist individuals affected with the deadly virus.

According to ANI, he stated:

"I've been providing this service for one month now. I want to aid those who are in need by offering a range of services and assistance. My automobile has been turned into a medical vehicle. I have free-of-charge transported around 23 COVID-positive individuals to various hospitals."

He explained his inspiration for the move by saying,

"While recounting my inspiration for the move, April was the start of everything. One of my neighbors required oxygen, so I was helping them. At the time, there was no such thing as an oxygen cylinder. The local Gurdwara in Rajouri Garden helped us obtain an oxygen cylinder. I saw that I wasn't the only one experiencing problem breathing as I traveled from East Delhi to Rajouri Garden. Hundreds of people, including me, searched for oxygen with cylinders in their cars, autos, and bicycles. The idea came to me when I realized that now that I work from home, I had more time to help people."

He has also given police officers and their families free clean drinking water and meals. The gentle man has also helped out several families with expensive medications.

Till date, he has spent over a month in his car, away from family and children, to help struggling individuals.

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