Delhi govt issues orders to modify automated driving test tracks

Aug 8, 2022 1 min read
Delhi govt issues orders to modify automated driving test tracks

The Delhi government has issued orders to make modifications at various automated driving test tracks, in view of increasing number of people failing their driving tests.

Transport Department has recommended some modifications on these tracks, which will come into effect from August 8, 2022.

As per officials, there were rising instances of people who were failing their driving tests due to other things that were not concerned with driving. For instance, the width of the last circle on which two-wheeler riders had to go on spiral route as it was smaller than the other two circles, which is for safety purposes. Because of this, people had to put their feet on the ground, resulting to failure in driving test.

Another thing that is decided by the committee is that the candidates will have to be informed in advance that they have to wear a seat belt while appearing for the driving test.  

The test track comprises six sections - eight formations, stopping at a traffic junction, stopping at the ramp, overtaking, moving forward without it rolling back, S formation in 120 seconds and parallel parking in 90 seconds.

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