The Delhi government is planning to add E-cycles under the EV policy

Apr 12, 2022 1 min read
The Delhi government is planning to add E-cycles under the EV policy

The Delhi government has recently announced that it will provide a subsidy of Rs 5,500 each for the first 10,000 e-cycles customers in the city. Additional subsidy of Rs 2,000 will be given to first 1,000 buyers of e-passengers. As per the statement, Delhi has become the first state in the country to provide subsidies for the segment of e-cycles. Kailash Gahlot, the transport minister said that the state cabinet has also fine with the subsidy on purchase of heavy-duty cargo e-cycles and e-carts for commercial uses.

Aditya Munjal, CEO of Hero Lectro reacted on the announcement and welcomed the government's decision to include e-cycles in the EV subsidy policy.

For the first 5,000 buyers, the subsidy on cargo e-cycles will be Rs 15,000. Earlier, the subsidy was provided to single buyers of e-carts. However, now a company buying these vehicles will also be provided with a subsidy of Rs 30,000.

All residents of Delhi will be eligible for the subsidy scheme that will be linked with Aadhaar. All the members of a family having an Aadhaar cars will be able to avail the subsidy.    

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