Girl unable to ride scooter as the number plate has ‘SEX’

Dec 2, 2021 1 min read
Girl unable to ride scooter as the number plate has ‘SEX’

A Delhi girl can't take out her scooty ever once as she got a strange number plate by Delhi Regional Transport Office (RTO). A number plate with a word S-E-X on it, making it impossible for her to take out the scooty for a ride.

A fashion designing student who travels from Janakpuri to Noida every day and was requesting her father for a scooty for almost a year. And finally, her father gifted her on her birthday. However, the unique number plate has caused her major embarrassment.  

As per the sequence, RTO assigned her a number plate with a word S-E-X on it. Therefore, her registration number is DL 3 SEX****.

When she received the number plate, people started making remarks. Not only the girl, her father too had to deal with the consequences.

According to RTO, once the registration number is assigned, there is no provision to change it and there is a set of pattern that is followed during the process.

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