Watch: Cars washed away after a cloudburst in Dharamshala

Jul 12, 2021 1 min read
Watch: Cars washed away after a cloudburst in Dharamshala

Heavy rain has lashed Dharamshala and nearby areas at a time when tourists from different parts of the country have thronged the hill station.

Constant monsoon rains have triggered cloudbursts, flash floods in Himachal Pradesh's Dharamshala causing damage to properties in the tourist hotspot of Bhagsu Nag area. Several videos of flash flood have gone viral, shows dreadful visuals of a huge amount of water gushing rapidly through the parked vehicles and water entering hotels. For now, there is no such news of any casualty from any area of Himachal Pradesh.

People capturing these shots could be heard screaming at the sight of a huge SUV being washed away. Once the other vehicles was blocked by car, one of them said: "Now, no car will go beyond this." Others expressed shock at the huge amount of water coming from the other side.

While several cars were submerged in water, the video recorded by the residents shows a white car floating down the street due to the heavy force of water. A few more vehicles were also seen at the end of the street.

Heavy rainfall has also lashed the Kangra district, 58 km from Dharamshala and hotels, in the area have reported huge damage. People in Bhagsunag area were left shocked to see the road parked with vehicles Several other districts in Himachal Pradesh, besides Kangra, have also witnessed heavy rain after days of hot weather.

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