Cheaper and cleaner: Why Auto LPG is a viable alternative fuel

Jul 15, 2021 2 min read
Cheaper and cleaner: Why Auto LPG is a viable alternative fuel

Apart from lower running costs, LPG also keeps the car engine in better shape. Hence, lower running and maintenance costs.

As petrol and diesel prices have steadily increased in recent months, commuters are trying to reduce fuel costs. While some are seeking ways to reduce car use, others consider moving to alternate fuels.

Auto LPG is a viable, easily accessible choice for your car if you are among those who are searching for cheaper alternatives than petrol and diesel.

When LPG is utilised in internal combustion engines, it's called Auto LPG. LPG is produced from either crude oil or natural gas, as a combination of propane and butane. Automotive LPG or Autogas is the third-largest automotive fuel used globally and powers around 27 million cars.

It is environmentally friendly and offers numerous advantages over traditional petroleum and diesel fuels. While car manufacturers in India manufacture limited Auto LPG versions, an LPG conversion kit can be installed in the vehicle, allowing both petrol and Auto LPG to use.

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Environmentally friendly

We are all aware of the environmental benefits of utilizing LPG as cooking fuel. LPG has a global warming potential (GWP) value of zero, indicating that it is not a greenhouse gas, according to the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). CO2 has a GWP of 1, while the GWP of methane is 25. LPG emits less CO2 per unit of heat produced than other hydrocarbons.

At the same time, Auto LPG produces very little harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM 2.5). The most hazardous ingredient in India's air is the high quantity of deadly PM 2.5.

These characteristics make AutoLPG a more environmentally friendly transport fuel than petrol, diesel, and CNG.

Reduces your fuel cost

Auto LPG is much less expensive than gasoline. Petrol and diesel prices are now hovering over Rs 100/Litre but Auto LPG still costs 33.85 /Litre. LPG is even cheaper than CNG.

Hence, it offers a significant cost advantage. Commuters who choose to switch their vehicles to the Auto LPG stand to recover their investments in the conversion kit system in a few months only.

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Extends your car engine's life

Auto LPG is excellent for the engine of your car. Being a cleaner, low residue fuel, LPG does not harm the engine. It allows the components of the engine to last longer.

It also ignites faster because it is a higher octane fuel, which means no pre-ignition or knocking. Even when the engine is entirely cold, an LPG car engine heats up faster.

It is beneficial to the engine because quicker and better combustion does not cause knocking damage. Additionally, it results in less noise levels. Auto LPG engines are estimated to have a life of up to two times of a petrol engine.

Reduces maintenance expenses

It is a pure corollary to the above advantage. Auto LPG causes minimal or no harm to the engine and its components, resulting in low maintenance and servicing costs.

Auto LPG does not remove carbon or acid deposits on the engine and does minimum harm to the engine components. For a longer amount of time, your car engine's valves, spark plugs, and pistons stay cleaner and smoother.

Conversion costs are low

You need to shell out between Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 to install a conversion kit on your car. Given the several advantages, investment is relatively cheap and can be recovered within a few months.

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