Challan issued to SUV owner in Lucknow for not wearing a helmet

Sep 12, 2021 1 min read
Challan issued to SUV owner in Lucknow for not wearing a helmet

How would you feel if you are fined for not wearing a helmet in your SUV? This SUV owner was left baffled for all the wrong reasons.

The owner, PK Punhani, a Mahanagar resident was informed that he has been fined for not wearing a helmet while driving his SUV. However, the challan included a photograph of a motorcycle instead of his SUV. The Challan stated that the picture is taken because the rider was not wearing a helmet.

The motorbike and his car were both registered under the same number. Punhani said that despite the mismatch, he paid the Rs 500 challan. However, he said that such a mistake is impossible to make in a police commissionerate with an ITMS in place. Punhani's vehicle's registration certificate said that the SUV was bought in September 2016, indicating that it was in the records of the NIC, which is integrated with the city's challan system.

"It may be the consequence of some hackers tampering with the database," the lawyer said. According to traffic officials, similar mistakes happened when a vehicle's registration number is changed. Raees Akhtar, DCP, traffic, said that he would investigate the matter.

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