DIY car maintenance: Top car detailing and car washing tips

Oct 20, 2021 4 min read
DIY car maintenance: Top car detailing and car washing tips

Everyone understands that regular washing and waxing is one of the essential car maintenance tips to keep the paint of car shiny.

What is car detailing?

Car detailing refers to the collection of all activities necessary to renew your car. It is a comprehensive process that includes cleaning the interior and outside of your car, vacuuming, polishing, waxing, removing scratches, and protecting the interior and exterior of your car. You could also refer to it as car reconditioning. If you follow all the tips for car maintenance correctly, you can have a fresh and new-looking car.

How car washing and detailing are different?

Car washing and detailing methods are different. Car detailing is a type of washing that includes cleaning every element of your car's interior and exterior.

Car washing entails primarily soaping and watering your car. It is an extremely effective method of maintaining a nice and clean car. When you drive your car on the road, it will certainly come into touch with dirt, bird droppings, dust, tree sap, grime, and even heavy rain. As a result, utilizing a high-pressure washer and other pressure cleaning tools to regularly wash your car is a smart option.

It is quite usual for your car to get multiple minor scratches, if not more serious ones. Also, your car's paint may likely fade with time. UV rays, often known as watermarks, are a factor to consider. A regular car wash is unable to resolve these issues. This is where car detailing helps you to resolve these problems.

Another significant distinction between car washing and car detailing is that car wash services do not include interior cleaning in most cases. It is not always necessary to wash your car inside with a pressure washer; your car interior has various delicate components that can't be cleaned with water and soap. To accomplish this, you will require a variety of detailing tools.

Keep your car looking like new with these helpful washing and detailing tips

High-pressure water spray wand

Improve the performance of your car's high-pressure washer by using a water high-pressure Wand. Connect this to your high-pressure washer and rinse the exterior of your car, including the tires, glasses, and any other exposed parts.

Wheel studs and wheel cleaner spray with brush

After you've rinsed off the exterior, it's time to deep clean your car's wheels and tires. Your tires and wheels absorb the most dirt. That is why simply rinsing with water is insufficient for basic cleaning. Clean the wheels and tires with a high-quality wheel cleaner spray. Additionally, you'll need the tight brush attachment to reach every detail and clean thoroughly. To achieve the finest results, utilize a car power drill washer to easily attach brushes and wash your car's wheels and tires.

Undercarriage car wash

Many people overlook this step when washing or cleaning their car. However, for proper car detailing, this step cannot skip. Typically, individuals focus their attention on cleaning the visible sections and overlook the parts that are not visible, such as the car's underside.

However, just like the tires, the underside of your car becomes dirty quickly and acquires a lot of dirt, debris, and grime. It is why you must clean it. But using an ordinary wand is not a good idea. You must kneel to do it, and even then, you cannot fully clean your car's undercarriage. To fully clean the car's undercarriage, you must utilize a car undercarriage cleaner and detailer.

Foam cannon spray gun

Use a foam cannon spray gun to coat the whole exterior of your car with foam. Use a high-quality car wash foam to achieve the best results.

Add extra detail with a car detailing brush

After foaming your car, use your car detailing brush to add extra detail to the areas near your mirrors, window corners, headlights, and fuel tank cover.

Rub with a microfiber duster

After detailing your car with a car detail brush and a power drill, rub the entire exterior of your car with your microfiber duster. It also applies to your car's windows and front glass. Then, using a high-pressure water wand, rinse your car again.

Dry with a microfibre towel

After rinsing with water, dry the whole surface of your car with a car microfibre towel.

Iron remover and iron decon spray

Now is the moment to remove any irons from the surface of your car that may scratch it. Use iron remover spray all over the surface of your car and leave it to dry. The irons will turn purple and begin to melt. Then clean your car with your water wand once again. Additionally, you must dry your car with a microfibre towel.

Detailing clay bar

To take special care of your car's paint and remove minor scratches, you should detail it with a clay bar. Before using the clay bar, re-spray the iron remover spray to remove any pollutants attached to the paint, such as tree sap, tar, or bug gut. All over your car's paint, spray the iron remover and rub it with the clay bar. It will decontaminate your car and ensure that it is as clean as possible. Then, use a microfibre towel to wipe the entire surface of your car paint again.

Maintain the interior

Having a car that appears to be brand new is more than just about the exterior. The inside must also be maintained to have a feel like you are driving a brand new car.

First of all, remove any waste from the car and also remove all loose personal items to make sure it is not sucked in while vacuuming the car. The next step is a vacuum. Try to reach every corner, especially below the seats.

Use an electrostatic cloth to clean all the hard surfaces from dust and other waste. An ideal tool for cleaning air vents and other areas that are difficult to reach, is the electronic cloth.

Hope these tips will help you maintain your car in pristine condition.

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