Car insurance covers you should consider during monsoon

Aug 14, 2021 2 min read
Car insurance covers you should consider during monsoon

Monsoons could bring a lot of problems for car owners. Hence, it is recommended to cover your cars with some add-on covers to make them ready to bear the troubles monsoon can bring in.

Monsoons are one of the awaited seasons in India to get some relief from the summer heat. But, the season brings some difficulties with it too. Sometimes, the heavy rain, storm conditions, and floods can lead to water seeping into the vehicle and can cost you a lot.

Having a car insurance can financially protect you against liabilities. In India, car owners must have third party insurance policy. It has been mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, this insurance covers do not provide protection against heavy rainfall.

Here are some suitable car insurance covers that you can opt during monsoon season:

Engine Protect Cover

Driving your vehicle on flooded roads can damage vehicle's engine causing it to the malfunction. Engine issues are not covered under a normal car insurance policy, adding an engine protect cover that compensates for the repair cost due to water ingression, leakage of the lubricant, etc. This cover financially protects you from liabilities towards engine repair as a result of any mishap. So, an engine protection add-on cover is a must-have to cope with such circumstances and protect your engine.

Consumables cover

Damage sustained by your car can cost you a huge amount. Different types of consumables are required like coolant, engine oil, lubricant, nuts and bolts, and so on, which can cost you more apart from repair parts. This add-on cover provides you coverage for such costs in particular which is not covered in your existing car insurance cover. When your car gets towed away and reaches the service center, the insurer compensates for the consumable costs and reduces your repair expenses.

Roadside Assistance cover

When your car gets stuck in the middle water-clogged road and you can't even get out of the car, then how would you check the engine? Here, comes the role of roadside assistance cover. This add-on will help you in times of such problem like a small mishap due to rain, gets a flat tyre, or got stuck somewhere. It's highly suggested to own this cover as the possibility of car damage increases in the rain.

The aforementioned add-ons are the most suitable ones to own by car owners to protect their cars in monsoon season, in particular. We hope that these add-ons will help you to keep your car safe in the monsoon and enjoy the season without any worry.

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