Cool car accessories under Rs 500 to perk up your driving experience

Sep 2, 2020 3 min read
Cool car accessories under Rs 500 to perk up your driving experience

Car accessories can bring a feel-good factor to your car and improve your driving experience. Check out these unique accessories for your car.

No matter how cool your car looks from outside but if we think practically, you spend all of you time inside the car. Hence, it is the interiors of a car that matter most. From AC and music system to cooled glove box and charging port; you use all the features present inside a car. And sometimes, you are left wanting for more.

Unlike luxury cars that come with all the bells and whistles, budget-cars' interiors don't offer everything your desire. If you also want to sizzle up the interiors of your car and make it a more cozy and safe place then check out these car interior accessories.

#1 Car back seat organizer

You can place this seat organizer at the back of your rear seat to put stuff like slippers, clothes, snacks, and more on long trips.

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#2 Sun shade mountable tissue box

If you want to keep your tissues at a better and more accessible place than dashboard then you can buy this accessory to mount your tissue box on the sun shade.

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#3 Seat belt shoulder pad

This shoulder pad will keep you safe in the event of an accident. The extra padding will help to absorb the shock and keep your neck and shoulder safe.

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#4 Car ventilator

Temperature in a car surpasses 100 degree centigrade during summer seasons in India. You can't instantly get and drive away in such a hot car. We normally pull down the windows and keep the AC on for some time to bring the temperature. This solar-powered car ventilators can solve this problem. It keeps blowing the hot air out of the car to keep the temperature down.

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Ambient lighting

#5 Star projector light

If you want to transform the mood of your car for a special day then this is a must have accessory for your car.

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#6 Wire car interior light

This lighting accessory can bring the look and feel of a high-end car to your vehicle's interiors. You can place the wire in any part of the car to transform its interiors.

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#7 LED car foot light

This multi-color foot light will welcome you in 8 color. It can also change its colors depending upon the music you are playing in your car.

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If you are bored of your car's interiors, now is the time to upgrade your car with some cool accessories and enhance your driving experience.

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