Read This Before Buying New Tyres For Your Car

Nov 30, 2019 2 min read
Read This Before Buying New Tyres For Your Car

Tyres are the only point of contact between a car and the road. Your ride quality, handling, comfort, safety and manoeuvrability-everything depends on the condition and quality of your car's tyres.

It is a common practice among Indian car drivers to not change their tyres until and unless the tread wears out completely. This may increase the mileage of your car by a few thousand kilometres but it is absolutely unsafe.

Tyres should be changed timely and regularly to ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Here are a few things you should consider while buying a new set of tyres.

1. Compatibility

It is important to know which tyre is compatible with your vehicle. Check the owner’s manual and relevant documents to find out what kind of tyres are compatible with your car. You can also check the sidewall of your existing tyre to find out about its essential characteristics.

Size of the tyre is always embedded in a standard format on the rim of the tyre. For instance, 170/45 R 15, which can be read as follows:

  • 17 mm is the Width of the tyre
  • 45 percent is known as the percentage of the Tread Width
  • R represents Radial construct of the tyre
  • 15 inches is the Diameter of the tyre

Apart from that, always  use the same tyres on all the wheels to ensure uniformity. It is essential for optimal performance, control and safety.

2. Budget

Buying a new set of tyres for your car can be expensive. Hence, if you are shopping on a budget, it is advisable to stick to Indian brands only- to get the best value-for-money deal. MRF, Ceat, Apollo and JK Tyre are some of the best brands that are reliable and affordable.

It is advisable to not go for Chinese tyres. They do not come with a warranty and there is no significant price difference either.

If budget is not a constraint, you can look for some well-known international brands including Michelin and Pirelli. These tyres offer a better life, stability and durability but are priced high.

3. Comfort

Ride comfort depends significantly on the quality of tyres you choose. If you want a very comfortable ride, avoid low profile tyres. Thin rubber is unable to absorb shocks properly and therefore give a stiffer ride.

On the other hand, tyres with a softer compound offer comfortable ride quality as softer sidewalls provide more cushion. But they are not durable and you will have to replace them sooner than expected.

Hence, if you want your tyres to deliver greater mileage, you will have to compromise a bit on quality to get the best for your money.

Do your research, weigh your options and then choose. Know when it is time to get new tyres.

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