BSA Motorcycles coming back to India

Nov 27, 2021 1 min read
BSA Motorcycles coming back to India

Earlier we told you that Yezdi, an iconic motorcycle brand from the past has announced its return to the  Indian market. But Yezdi is not the only legendary motorcycle brand that is waiting for its impending return to India.

BSA Motorcycles has also recently made its debut on social media and announced its return to the Indian motorcycle market. However, the launch is not expected to happen too soon.

Unlike with Yezdi's announcement, Classic Legends is yet to make a formal announcement about the BSA Motorcycles brand. Hey, do not shoot the messenger; we are just stating facts.

It may also be interesting to note that there is a good chance BSA bikes will not be launched in India anytime soon and there are a few reasons for that assertion. First, the existence of the BSA cycles brand in India legally prevents the sales of BSA bikes in the country. Second, Classic Legends had previously said that BSA motorcycles will be assembled in the UK. Finally, BSA Motorcycles' first bike in the modern age is expected to come powered by a 650 cc engine.

Now, offering a motorcycle with the style and specs similar to that of the Royal Enfield 650 twins albeit with a heavier price tag is unlikely to translate into a sound business decision. Hence, the conclusion that BSA bikes in India are unlikely to be launched any time soon.

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