Book an Uber ride via WhatsApp in Delhi, but how?

Aug 5, 2022 1 min read
Book an Uber ride via WhatsApp in Delhi, but how?

Yes, you heard it right. Now you can book your Uber ride via WhatsApp in Delhi NCR. Uber has been introducing its many features. Its WhatsApp to Ride (WA2R) feature which allow people to book ride via WhatsApp. This feature has been tested in several states as well.

The messaging platform has been unveiled in Hindi and English language which is now available to the commuters in Delhi.

An official chatbot on WhatsApp business has been built and will no longer need to download or use the Uber app. Everything from user registration to getting a trip receipt will be managed within the WhatsApp itself.  

This service is available to both new and existing users who have registered with only phone number on the Uber app. In future, the WA2R will allow existing users of the Uber app to book trips through WhatsApp.

How to book an Uber ride via WhatsApp?

Here is a step wise process to book an Uber ride via WhatsApp.

STEP 1: Send Hi to this number: +91 7292000002 or scan QR code.

STEP 2: Click this link to open chat window:

STEP 3: Scanning a QR Code which appears get to the chat window

Users will then be asked to provide pickup and drop-off locations. Then, they'll receive fare information and driver's expected time of arrival. The chat flow will inform the rider about safety guidelines. When the user choose the "emergency"option while on the trip, they will receive an inbound call from customer support team.

Riders also have to access to its safety line number to call until 30 mins after the trip ends.

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