Beware violators! More cameras in Delhi soon

Apr 16, 2023 1 min read
Beware violators! More cameras in Delhi soon

More than 200 Red Light Violation Detection cameras and 125 Over Speed Violation Detection (OSVD) cameras will be installed by the Delhi Traffic Police throughout the city in an effort to catch drivers who run red lights and go too fast.

The cameras will be installed at 57 junctions whereas, 125 OSVD cameras will be installed at 76 junctions. At 43 crossroads in the city, there are currently 125 OSVD cameras and 209 RLVD cameras in place.

While RLVD cameras assist in identifying vehicles that jump red lights or stop after the red-light mark or zebra crossing, OSVD cameras detect instances of over-speeding on a certain stretch. The fine for exceeding the posted speed limit is Rs 2,000, and the fine for running a red light is Rs 1,000.

In the Todapur headquarters of the Delhi Traffic Police are servers for the OSVD and RLVD cameras.

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