Best ways to sell your car during pandemic

May 26, 2021 2 min read
Best ways to sell your car during pandemic

CarInfo came up with a list of safety precautions for you to consider so that you can still sell your car safely during the coronavirus crisis.

Selling a car is no exception, as the process generally involves close contact with several people. But, selling during the pandemic can be a stressful and worrying task, especially if you are one of the groups classed as infected with the virus. There are some steps which you can follow to keep the entire process safer for all involved.

Thoroughly disinfect and clean your car

Disinfecting your car will not only keep you safe but also your potential buyers. You should thoroughly sanitize it before you show it to buyers, no matter when you are selling your car. Many buyers may be interested to know that you are taking extra precautions to protect them.

Keep the process online as long as possible

Car sales are traditionally in-person transactions. But, in the coronavirus era, you’ll want to complete as much of your sale as possible through no-touch methods. This means you should communicate via phone or email as much as possible and answer any questions about your car.

Ensure that your car is in good condition

Due to no operating problems can often command a premium in the used auto market, and this is particularly true during the pandemic. If a buyer has to visit a garage to make major repairs to the car, not only is it potentially costly, also another point of exposure to the virus.

Offer a virtual test drive

Nowadays, some buyers might be reluctant to jump into strangers’ cars for a test drive. You can help these customers to buy by providing a virtual test drive. Either live stream an actual drive or film yourself in the car driving around your neighborhood, while one of your potential customers watches. Still, these customers may wish to have a final test drive in person, at least you can give them an indication of what they’d be buying.

Be careful while accepting online payments

Online payments might seem to be of great value during the time of the pandemic. The rise of mobile payment apps has made it easy and contact-free to transfer money between individuals. But, an online transfer may be more susceptible to fraud. To reduce all the risk that your transactions turn sour, accept a cashier's check or cash only when selling your car.

Offer safety equipment to your potential buyers

Although everyone must be taking precautions during the COVID-19 era, don’t assume that all of your potential customers will be prepared with all of the proper equipment. Have an ample supply of hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves for anyone who comes near your car. These will protect you, your customer, and any future potential buyers that look at your car.

Use a plastic divider during your test

To keep both you and your potential buyer safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, install a temporary plastic divider between the passenger’s seat and the driver’s seat. This will allow you to offer customers the complete test drive experience while keeping everyone safe. If more passengers are riding along, additional plastic dividers should be installed.

Take time to click excellent photos

During the crisis, photos are even more important, as customer will only travel to see cars if they have good feel for what they'll be getting in-person. Even if your vehicle is priced under value, you might struggle to get potential buyers to your doorstep unless you have good pictures of your car.

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