Auto services declared "illegal" in Bangalore, ordered to discontinue

Oct 7, 2022 1 min read
Auto services declared "illegal" in Bangalore, ordered to discontinue

Today, Karnataka transport department issued notice to Uber, Ola, and Rapido, calling their auto services "illegal" and asking them to stop the services in 3 days.

This issue came when passengers registered complaints with the department over Ola and Uber charging a minimum of Rs 100 even if the distance is less than two kilometers. The minimum auto fare is fixed at Rs 30 in Bangalore for first 2 km and Rs 15 for every kilometer thereafter.

As per the notice, the companies have to stop their auto services as soon as possible and not to charge more than the fare prescribed by the government.

New app is set to be launched on November 1, called as Namma Yatri which will collect the fair price as compared to Ola and Uber. This will collect an additional of Rs 10 as pickup charges and Rs 40 in 2 km radius.

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