Audi to go fully electric; will stop developing internal combustion engines

Mar 18, 2021 1 min read
Audi to go fully electric; will stop developing internal combustion engines

Audi has announced to stop developing internal combustion engines. It plans to go fully electric by next decade with 20 EV models to be launched in the next 5 years.

The golden era of thrilling internal combustion engines (ICE) seems to be finally on the wrap. After the official statements by the likes of Bentley and Volvo to sell only electric vehicles (EV) by 2030; Audi has now also decided to go fully electric in the upcoming years.

Audi offers an impressive lineup of ICEs including a 591-hp twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8  that powers RS 6 Avant super-wagon and the naturally aspirated V-10 that powers the stunning mid-engine R8. But now Audi CEO has announced that the luxury car maker will not develop any more ICEs in the future. It has started the process of phasing out current gasoline and diesel mills to replace power its cars with electric motors in the future.

In a statement given to German-language industry news outlet Automobilwoche, Audi CEO Marcus Duesmann confirmed that the news.

"We will no longer develop a new internal combustion engine, but will adapt our existing internal combustion engines to new emission guidelines," Duesmann told the publication (as translated by Google).

Duesmann told that the decision is backed by stricter emission norms and EV policy in global markets. The European Union (EU) plans for an even stricter Euro 7 emission norms in the future. It would pose a major technological challenge for the automakers as it would restrict the ICE beyond feasible limits.

Audi is planning to launch at-least 20 EV models in the span of next 5 years. It has already launched the E-Tron crossover and E-Tron GT sport sedan. It will also launch the EV version of Q4 in the later part of the year. Duesmann has also confirmed the sedans A4 and A6 will become fully electric by 2030. Generation launched before 2030 will be powered by the adapted versions of present Audio engines.

As Audi plans to wrap up its run with ICEs, it expected from the car maker to launch some exciting models like ultra-luxury A8 "Horch" executive sedan before going fully electric.

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