Audi logo gets digitalised, gets 2D appearance

Nov 20, 2022 1 min read
Audi logo gets digitalised, gets 2D appearance

German luxury car manufacturer Audi has got its logo re-designed digitally. The company has just jump on the bangwagon, along with Nissab, Hyundai, BMW, Renault, and Kia, launching a new 2D badge for its logo. The new logo is more sharper and the overall styling has become much flatter.

As per the designer, Andre Georgi, the new company logo is significantly more stylish than the previous one.

The new brand logo lacks any chrome. Instead, it opta for high contrast black and white look which contains 3D detailing. However, the brand says that it will continue to allow customers to get new brand logo in black, along with revamped variation replacing the bright white with a dark grey colour theme.

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