Arnold Schwarzenegger’s GMC Yukon involved in a multi-car crash

Jan 27, 2022 1 min read
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s GMC Yukon involved in a multi-car crash

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor and former governor of California was involved in a multi-car crash, injuring at least one woman. The accident happened in Los Angeles and was arrived at Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) soon after the crash.

The star was driving a big GMC Yukon SUV, which collided with a Toyota Prius. There were other cars too including a white Porsche Cayenne that was just behind the SUV.  

The cops said that neither drugs nor drugs are found as a factor in this incident. The law enforcement officials said that the star was trying to take a left turn when the signal was not green.

The incident happened near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue.

According to reports, no serious injuries were reported. A lady suffered abrasions and was rushed to the hospital immediately.

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