Does My Car Insurance Cover My Accessories Too?

Feb 14, 2020 2 min read
Does My Car Insurance Cover My Accessories Too?

Buying a car is a big decision and when you buy it, you keep it close to your heart. You try to make it more personalised by accessorising its exteriors and interiors. These accessories enhance the beauty and comfort quotient of the car manifold. And all this comes at a price.

Customisation of cars with high-end accessories can set you back by thousands of rupees. Hence, it makes sense to have an insurance cover for your car accessories as well.

Basic insurance only covers external stock parts of the car. Car owners living in theft prone areas or cities where things like heavy rainfall and storm is a common thing should consider having their accessories covered.

The accessory cover is an add-on feature of car insurance for which you need to pay a nominal amount. The majority of the people avoid this add-on cover, however, if you have installed expensive accessories including reverse camera, parking sensors, high-end music system, LCD screens, LED lights and other luxurious accessories then you must buy accessories cover to hedge your investment in the car.

Damage or loss of accessories due to theft or act of god can cause monumental financial loss.

Accessories Add-on cover is also a boon for CNG vehicles. CNG kits cost anything north of 80,000 INR and its theft or any damage during insurance can prove expensive.

Here are some other things which are covered under accessories cover:

  • Aftermarket fittings of electronics including brake lights, infotainment touch screen, fog lights, music systems, air conditioner and LED lights among others
  • Non electrical accessories that are included under accessories cover include alloy wheels, seat cover, and floor mats among others.
  • Aftermarket CNG kit is also covered
    Roads are unpredictable and god forbid if you meet an accident then you would want to keep your investment safe which is done your prized car accessories. Even if your interior is not damaged during an accident, there are high chances of theft while your car kept parked on a lonely road until it is picked by the towing vehicle.

To save your expenditure on expensive accessories, it is important to take accessories. Yes, it will raise the insurance premium cost by some amount, but it will certainly save you from huge costs in the event of any damage or theft to your accessories. You are only required to provide exact quotes of your accessories while buying the car insurance policy and the rest will be taken care of by your insurance provider.

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