Are Electric Vehicles the Future of India?

Apr 1, 2019 1 min read
Are Electric Vehicles the Future of India?

Did you know that the two wheeler vehicles constitute 76% of the total vehicles on the road, and 64% of the total fuel consumption in India?  This has made India the most probable largest market for electric  two-wheeler vehicles. Given the need to fight the increasing pollution,  numerous companies like Okinawa, Hero, Avon, Infineon, GoZero, Benelli  etc have begun investing huge amounts in Indian electric vehicle(EV)  business already!    

The market of electric two wheeler vehicles like cycles, scooters,  bikes and public transport has seen a surge in the recent years, and it  is estimated to go up by 41% by 2023. Also, 2020 is going to witness the  launch of many electric cycles and bikes in India. And it does not stop  at that. Even electric motorcycles and other public transport options  will also be introduced to make our life easier.  

Why switch to electric?

Using an EV is fun, does not cause pollution, and keeps the roads  clear. You do not contribute to the pollution, or the traffic jams. But  the best part is the amount of money that you save. These EVs are much  cheaper than petrol or diesel driven vehicles, their maintenance cost is  negligible, and you save a lot of money on refueling. On an average,  they are 75-80% cheaper than a fueling and maintenance requiring  vehicle. And this fact is true across electric cycles, scooters and motorbikes, because it is always practically cheaper to charge a  battery.

Smarter to switch

Each one us has faced the effects of pollution in our lives while  living in India. It would be even worse in the coming time if nothing is  done about it. It will take a significant amount of time to make this  transition, but starting small can lead to great changes. Electric  vehicles already run around us. The first step has been taken. We have  to now step up to make this a success.

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