Apple wins patent for unique car sunroof technology

Feb 3, 2022 1 min read
Apple wins patent for unique car sunroof technology

The Apple Car isn't coming soon. Most leaks claim it will release the Apple car in three to four years.

There's no information on when it will launch, but the rumors are growing. Currently, a new rumor concerning the car has appeared, but with some solid evidence. Apple has developed a new type of sunroof technology that allows the driver to choose the level of transparency.

Apple has built a sunroof with opacity glass, which would be entirely transparent with different angles and settings, according to a patent spotted by MotorTrend.

This sunroof may be useful when you want some sunlight but not the chilly winds in winter. However, the Apple Car will have a feature for summer. Unlike fixed sunroofs in current cars, the patent shows the sunroof opening with the side windows. A driver may open the sunroof for fresh air, but it may have additional uses.

CarPlay and Siri can control the sunroof

If we look at what Apple has said so far, the previous rumors may be true. All sunroof controls may also be accessible through CarPlay or Siri. But it has kept the patent a secret. The patent proves Apple is working on the Apple Car, and the wait will be worth it.

Apple is developing self-driving car technology for its first car. Some reports claim the Apple car will be an EV like Tesla. The company also plans to produce the car in collaboration with major companies. Despite this, Apple Cars are unlikely to launch soon.

It seems possible that the Apple Car is still three to four years away from its launch, considering the unfortunate exit of Apple car project executives.

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