Alto 800 discontinued in India

Apr 3, 2023 1 min read
Alto 800 discontinued in India

Maruti Suzuki has discontinued its entry-level model, Alto 800. It is one of the highest-selling hatchback that has been stopped. The company will sell a few remaining units in stock now.

According to the reports, the investment to upgrade Alto 800 to comply with the BS6 Phase 2 norms which will be effective from April 1, and would not have been 'financially viable'.

It is prices between Rs 3.54 lakh and Rs 5.13 lakh (ex-showroom). However, it's price range went upto Rs 3.99 lakh to Rs 5.94 lakh (ex-showroom). The reason behind the raise of cost is increase in road tax, material cost, and other forms of taxes.

The another factor of halting Alto is the increase in sale and demand of Alto K10.

Alto 800 was launched in 2000. The company sold 1,800,000 units till 2010. K10 entered in 2010. Till then, the manufacturer sold 1,700,000 units were sold.

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