India's first vehicle testing facility, know everything about NATRAX

Aug 4, 2021 3 min read
India's first vehicle testing facility, know everything about NATRAX

NATRAX high-speed test track is designed for neutral speeds up to 250 kmph and maximum speeds of up to 375 kmph on curbs with no limit to maximum speed on the straight patch.

Prakash Javadekar, Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, virtually inaugurated the NATRAX (National Automotive Test Tracks) - High Speed Track (HST), which is said to be the longest track in Asia and also the fifth largest in the world.

With NATRAX Indore facility, car makers don't need to send private vehicles abroad for testing.

Project NATRAX is being designed by the Ministry of Heavy Industry under NATRiP (National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project). It happens to be one of the automotive testing and certification centres in India.

Prakash Javadekar stated, speaking at the e-inauguration, the ministry is committed to fulfill prime minister's dream of ensuring that country is destined to become a hub of manufacturing, automobiles, and spare parts. It is seen as a key initiative in "Aatmanirbhar Bharat" and all round efforts are being made in this direction.

He said, expanding the automobiles and manufacturing industries will help to generate employment.

The Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises said while inaugurating the Indore facility, "We will arrange a stakeholder dialogue very soon to think about both the topics -- further acceleration for high growth of the automobile industry and what is the way forward for fast tracking and growth of e-vehicles."

Manufacturers will be able to go the extra mile and develop advanced vehicles without having to worry about testing them over a suitable domestic track.

Highlights of NATRAX

It is a one-stop solution for all kind of high-speed performance tests for the widest varieties of vehicles. The track can be used for multipurpose functions like testing two-wheelers to supercars and even heavy vehicles like tractors and trucks.

NATRAX is built on 1,000 acres and is said to be the longest track, measuring 11.3 km in length. Therefore, many countries which do not have these kind of facilities will now send their vehicle to India instead of Europe or US. It is also more equipped than facilities in China and Japan. The overall test speed track is 16 meters wide, with four special lanes.

The track has been designed for neutral speed of 250kph and can attain a maximum speed including 375kph on curves. Moreover, there is less banking on ovals, making it one of the safest test tracks in the world.

Wide variety of tests can be done such as constant speed fuel consumption, high speed handling, maximum speed, acceleration, emission test by real road driving stimulation, brake performance, stability evaluation during action like lane changing and durability testing. The NATRAX comprises 14 types of tracks in total, including wet pad, handling track, braking track, sustainability track, etc.

The track can be used for testing popular cars and for racing also.

Earlier, luxury manufacturers used to test their vehicle on such tracks in other countries because of lack of infrastructure here.

The government says NTRAX can be used for measuring the maximum speed capability of high-end cars which were not being measured on any of the Indian test tracks. HST is accessible to most of the major OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), being centrally located in Madhya Pradesh.

The ministry says at the present, foreign OEMs  go to their respective high-speed tracks abroad for high-speed test requirements and will benefit from NATRAX HST for the development of prototype cars for Indian conditions. Manufactures can also use the facility for product demonstrations and experiences.

It further added that global OEMs like FCA, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot and Lamborghini have shown their interest in using the Pithampur new test track facility.

Vehicles can attain a maximum speed of 375kmph on curves with steering control. It is also one of the safest track globally, minister said.

The test track is a good news for car manufacturers in India, particularly those who are connected with premium spectrum.

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