Add-Ons for a Car Insurance Policy

Sep 24, 2019 1 min read
Add-Ons for a Car Insurance Policy

Sadly, a regular insurance for your car usually does not include cover for depreciation, parts replacement, or roadside assistance. But luckily, you can opt for add-ons to upgrade your policy.

Imagine getting a new car. How do you get a sunroof, alloy wheels, rear-view camera or leather seats? You pay extra.

Similarly, a basic car insurance policy does not cover certain areas. If you wish to get some special services and parts insured, you upgrade your policy. The premium of the policy, of course, goes a little higher with these add-ons.

Here is a list of add-on features you can buy to enhance your car insurance policy:

  1. Zero Depreciation
    (when you are claiming your insurance, the insurance company will not consider the depreciated value of your car)

  2. Roadside Assistance
    (you can avail multiple on-road services like getting your key when you lose them, tow facility, tyre change, or any other type of roadside assistance)

  3. Consumables
    (with this add-on, you can even claim small parts like nuts, bolts, engine oil, air filters, etc.)

  4. Engine Protection
    (if the engine of your car gets damaged in a claimable event, you can get it repaired or replaced under your insurance policy given you opt for this add-on)

  5. Invoice Return
    (in case your car gets into an accident or is stolen, you can claim the amount mentioned on the invoice of your car)

  6. Personal Belongings Cover
    (you can even claim the cost of any personal belongings including your mobile phone or laptop that may be lost due to car damage)

  7. No-Claim-Bonus Protection
    (NCB protector allows you to comfortable raise a number of claims against your car insurance policy)

  8. Key Replacement Cover
    (even getting a new set of car keys can be insured under your policy)

Staying insured keeps you from facing additional financial stress, and these add-ons cover every type of damage that you may experience.

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