5 Ways to Prevent Car Theft

Jul 10, 2020 2 min read
5 Ways to Prevent Car Theft

For most of us, a car is one of the most precious purchases of our lives. We do a lot of research, due diligence, and financial planning before buying our dream car. But how many of us pay serious attention to the security of our car?

Car theft is common in India and can happen at any point in time. Hence, prevention is better than losing your prized car to thieves. Here are 5 ways that you can adopt to step-up the security of your car.

#1 Install CCTV Cams

Install a CCTV camera in your private parking area to keep an eye on your car 24*7. An individual camera would cost you around 2,000 INR and a multi-cam setup will set you back by around 15,000 bucks.

Modern-day CCTV cams offer excellent quality video footage and low-light visibility capabilities. You can also pair your CCTV to a WiFi network, to stream live footage on your smartphone from any location in the world. Several CCTV manufacturers also offer cloud storage to store your live feed in a safe and secure manner.

#2 Secure Parking Spot

There are several localities that don’t have a dedicated parking spot. Car owners are forced to park their cars on roadside spots or places far away from their homes. If you are living in such a place then look for a parking spot that is in the vicinity of a local guard and visible from your home. You can also pool funds with your neighbours to keep a guard who can look after your parking spots.

#3 Gear/Steering Lock

We often tend to trust our electronic central locking system a bit too much. It is effective in the majority of cases but a thief who is well versed with the functioning of the central locking system can easily break in the car and silence the theft alarm.

In such scenarios, traditional locks offer better protection. Gear and steering locks are made up of solid iron and minimise the movement of gear lever and steering. Hence, even if a thief manages to barge in your car, he would have a very tough time dealing with your gear or steering lock.

#4 GPS Tracker

GPS trackers have become highly accurate and affordable in the past few years. You can avail a good vehicle GPS tracking system in around 5,000 INR. The GPS setup doesn’t require any tampering with the original wiring or modification.

The GPS tracker will send real-time updates of your car on your smartphone. In case of theft, you can immediately inform the authorities about the location of your car in real-time.

#5 Vehicle Immobiliser System

A thief can bypass the ignition by hot-wiring the car. You can prevent this from happening through a vehicle immobiliser mechanism. It comes with kill switches, smart keys, and wireless ignition authentication. You can remotely turn off the vehicle in case of a theft-alert. New generation vehicles are coming equipped with this smart-tech. However, this system can be installed in older models as well.

Hope, above-mentioned points, will help in keeping your car safe and secure.

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