5 break problems that you should never ignore

Jun 14, 2022 1 min read
5 break problems that you should never ignore

Every part of the car needs to be taken care of at equal intervals. Here are some issues with the brake that you should not ignore.

Burning smell while braking

If there is a burning smell while applying the brake, it is always recommended to stop your car and check where it is coming from. Also, open the bonnet as it would help the brake fluid cool down.

Car pulling at one side when braking

This issue can happen when the calipers are not applying pressure evenly on the discs. Driving with a faulty caliper is very dangerous as it might fail.

ABS warning light

Every car has a warning light for the ABS system. It shows that there is something wrong with ABS. If it appears on your dashboard, get your car checked.

Vibrating steering wheel or brake pedal

If there's an issue with rotors, the steering wheel on your car will start vibrating. If this issue arises, take your car to the nearest service center.  

Visible leaking fuels

If you notice a leak, search for a technician to check for it. If your vehicle has no brake fluid, you won't be able to stop safely.

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